Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rebuilding the brakes.

I have disassembled the brake calipers to rebuild them. They come up quite nice when sand blasted. Unfortunately the right front caliper has a crack in one of the pad locating fingers so I have replaced that one with another from the parts bin. The only difference being the prefix of the number stamped on the back of the caliper.

Before being cleaned and sand blasted.
 Sand blasted, honed and cleaned ready for new seals and re-assembly and fitting.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Suspension goes in.

I spent the past day or so putting the front suspension back together. I now remember how much of a pain it is replacing the front bearings and dust seals. I was struggling to get the new rack boots on the rack while it was in the car and I remembered my elastrator. An elastrator is used to place the castrating bands on lambs and calves and it worked a treat. The photos below show it being used on an old rack boot.
I also got the booster back on Thursday which ended up costing $600.00 to rebuild instead of the quoted $800.00. That has now found its way back in place along with the rebuilt master cylinder. The rebuild kit came from South Australia as not many people stock the 22mm dia kit- (PBR- K7339X).

Brake Booster back after rebuild.
Elastrator- closed.
Elastrator open.
Using the elastrator to stretch open an old rack boot (you get the idea).

Friday, June 15, 2012

The shell is now in the shed.

I have finally moved the shell from the open front shed to the garage. I received all my ball joints etc so I'm almost ready to start on the front suspension. As you can see in the photos the "G" is going back together well.

 New ball joints fitted.
 Getting there but a long way to go.
In good company with my 1975 Jaguar XJC-V12.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Suspension components ready.

I sandblasted all the suspension components and painted them in RFU chassis black ready to be refitted. Small problem being, getting new bushes and ball joints! I also stripped the paint off the front tank and repainted it in gloss RFU.
The Gordini heater matrix is a bit second hand so I took that to my local radiator man who is going to have a new core made and fitted, he thinks that it will cost around $200.00. If all else fails I have a good R10 unit I can use.
The brake booster has been sent to Sydney for a rebuild and the latest on that is it might cost around $800.00!! I'm getting another quote for that.

 Suspension parts just after being removed from the car.
After sandblasting and painting.
Front tank looking as good as new.